About GuideMarks

Each week at Funds For Learning (FFL) we focus on one of 18 core characteristics of our organization. These characteristics define aspects of the FFL culture. By considering these different facets, we can help build, refine and reinforce a positive, encouraging, and healthy work environment that produces positive results for our clients and their communities.


Oftentimes people talk about the culture of an organization as if it exists in and of itself. In reality, an organization's culture is defined everyday via its people: each interaction, each act of service, each communication, the work that is done, the way work is done, and so on.

At FFL, we understand that each of us, working together, creates our organization’s culture. We strive to foster a positive work environment that delivers success for our clients and develops team members who are happy, healthy and growing as individuals. These types of environments do not create or sustain themselves without a commitment, by everyone on the team, to certain standards of conduct and behavior. In short, to build and keep a good working environment at FFL, we are intentional with our actions and our words.

This is the purpose of FFL’s weekly GuideMark. By taking time to reflect on one aspect of the FFL culture, it helps us be intentional concerning that one element. In the midst of serving our clients, we take time to talk and think about our core values. This helps us recenter, refocus, and, most importantly, repurpose ourselves to demonstrating that value in our actions and communications, as well as encouraging that core value in the lives of our clients, co-workers, friends and family.

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