• Developing creative approaches to fulfill the needs of others
  • Striving to succeed and staying positive even when encountering resistance
  • Searching for a resolution to satisfy the needs and requirements of all parties

In my spare time I have been watching the HBO series The Newsroom. Atlantis Cable News (ACN) Anchor Will McAvoy and his ideological staff want to know if it is possible to produce good TV news and still make it popular. Instead of “he said, she said” coverage (problem focused), the team uses solutions-oriented journalism to lead to more constructive conversations and increase viewer engagement. If it can make the viewers feel powerful, the viewers are less likely to tune out and less apathetic or cynical about the problem.

At Funds For Learning, Solution-Minded is defined as doing our best to help others achieve their goals and meet their objectives. We strive to succeed and stay positive even when encountering resistance. Instead of focusing on the problem we focus on the solution. This is the essence of Solution-Minded. It is an action attitude. It is a decision to recognize all the needs around the table and to work to find a way to address them to the fullest extent possible.

Just like the news staff at ACN, each problem that we encounter on a daily basis has a solution, even if the solution isn’t clear or we are unable to see it. Identifying the needs of all the parties involved frequently includes teamwork. Some solutions can be implemented with a single person on a single phone call. Other solutions may require reaching out to teammates for their expertise and experience with previous Solution-Minded strategies. The more experience and discussion supporting a solution, while staying positive, the more likely it is to succeed and satisfy all parties involved.

With the Administrative Window open to the E-rate community and the Filing Window right around the corner, a Solution-Minded attitude is essential to complete the procurement process and to submit an accurate E-rate application on time. Whether the roadblock is EPC, you or those around you, remember that there is a solution and we at Funds for Learning can help find it. 

Key Words and Phrases
Strive for an answer; Find a new way; Seek a resolution; Persevere; Solve a problem; Deliver the results; Don’t stop at the first hurdle; Address the need.

Opposite Terms
Close-minded; Decline; Reject; Refuse.

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