• Investigating answers and building awareness without external prompting
  • Pushing forward to gain knowledge, understanding and experience
  • Enhancing our skills and expertise on purpose

In the United States, we spend almost two decades in a system dedicated to learning. During this time, books and lectures and flash cards and educational videos are always brought in by an educator for us to learn and recite by memory. After high school or college graduation, there is a deep emptiness in learning. 

Since there isn’t a requirement to read a chapter of a textbook for tomorrow’s class discussion or a deadline to write a research paper for a grade, everything about learning becomes voluntary. Learning becomes intentional acts of browsing online research journals, sifting through stacks of books at the local library, or downloading a language learning app on a cell phone. Sometimes, people continue education outside of the classroom well after leaving high school or university. Other times, educational experience may occur less and less as the business of everyday life takes over.
At Funds For Learning, we strive for learning every day. The E-rate program never sleeps: it is in a constant state of change. If we want to provide the assistance schools and libraries need to submit the best E-rate applications or tackle an invoice review, we need a thorough understanding of the E-rate process. And so everyday FFL is asking questions, reading E-rate materials, and putting to memory all of the pieces of the E-rate process. FFL continues to educate itself to provide the best E-rate service possible in order to better our community.

Key Words and Phrases
Strive for understanding; Gather knowledge; Seek wisdom; Build awareness; Discover information; Gain expertise; Become skilled; Find answers.

Opposite Terms
Muddle; Disarray; Hit-or-miss; Indolent.


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