In 1981, one week in March was designated Women’s History Week by the US Congress. After Congress passed additional resolutions over the next few years, the entire month of March was designated Women’s History Month in 1987. Women’s History Month honors women’s achievements, leadership, strength, courage, and other contributions during the course of our American history.  

March 8th was declared International Women’s Day by the United Nations in 1975. It is a celebration of how far women have come in society, politics, and economics, and the day is intended to raise awareness for an equal world for all.

As participants in the IEEW program, Peace Through Business® (PTB®), it is imperative that we recognize the importance of women in our United States history as well as history around the world. By strengthening economics and democracy in less fortunate nations, we are promoting equality and capitalism throughout the world.

This summer, we will meet our latest woman entrepreneur in the PTB® program, Florence Isaro from Rwanda. Because of her joy of reading as a child, she has managed to earn two bachelor’s degrees and has worked as a freelance translator. In Rwanda, public libraries are not in every neighborhood, and books are not easily accessible, especially books for children. Florence created a business, Books and Brains Ltd., which provides a mobile library for children. Her library-on-wheels is equipped with an online “booking” system that allows families to reserve books for their children to pick up when the rolling library visits their neighborhood.  

We are looking forward to working with Florence, hearing more of her story, and introducing her to other entrepreneurs in our area who can help her gain new insights, ideas, and concepts to further expand Books and Brains.